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Managing Director - James Bullock

• Telephone: 01773 814000   • Email: james@conspare.com

James has been an integral member of the team for over 30 years and is highly experienced in all aspects of the concrete industry. Having achieved a BA in Business Studies at night school in his youth, James is fascinated by business and how to improve sysems and processes to make the company operate to the best of it's abilities. Amongst his many roles within the business, he is particularly involved in launching new products and works closely with the sales team.

Outside of work James is an enthusiastic target rifle shooter, who has represented Nottinghamshire, England and Great Britain on many occasions, both at home and overseas.


Operations Director - David Bullock

• Telephone: 01773 814009   • Email: david@conspare.com

David has over 27 years experience at ConSpare and is primarily responsible for all aspects of procurement, stock control and distribution. He liaises closely with our network of suppliers, regularly visiting their factories all over the world to help ensure quality is maintained and negotiate keen pricing. David manages our ISO 9000 programme and Health & Safety compliance.

David is a keen sportsman who is active in a wide range of sports. His current focus is on mountain biking and he has the bruises to prove it! 


Engineering Director - Steve Peterson

• Telephone: 07989 955898 • Email: steve@conspare.com

Steve joined ConSpare in 2001 and is responsible for all aspects of the sale of capital equipment such as Teka mixers and Walter washout systems. Steve has had a varied career within the field of engineering, from the precision of a Rolls Royce Apprenticeship to heavy engineering installing crushers and quarrying equipment. This mix of experience has proven the ideal background for his role working with clients at the design, sale, installation and commissioning stages of the projects we undertake. His blend of enthusiasm, product knowledge and a practical ability to get the job done mean he is popular and always in demand.

Steve is a medal winning swimmer who still holds the schoolboy record for 200M butterfly and is reigning ConSpare arm wrestling champion.


Spare Parts Director - Darren Kershaw

• Email: darren@conspare.com

Darren has been working in the concrete industry for over 27 years and joined ConSpare 20 years ago. He runs our sales office with ruthless attention to detail and has vast experience of all of our many products. He is particularly experienced in the field of concrete mixer spares and has an encyclopedic knowledge of virtually every make of concrete mixer used in UK over the last 40 years, to the extent that he is a self-confessed anorak on the subject. He spends a lot of time advising clients on how to minimise downtime and costs caused by abrasion in the mixing process.

After taking part in a ConSpare charity fun run, which it is fair to say he found a little harder than expected, Darren has taken up running more seriously and now competes at 10K & half marathon distances. He is also a keen follower of Ju Jitsu & Kobudo, having achieved 3 black belts.


Order Office - Andrew Huskinson

• Email: andrew@conspare.com

Andrew has been involved in the concrete industry for his entire career and joined Conspare 18 years ago. In that time he has built up a loyal following of clients who have been known to share a joke or two with him. Andrew has considerable technical knowledge of our range and is a specialist in components for Concrete Batching Plants. His experience enables him to work with clients to identify problems in the batching process and then supply the parts needed to get them back up and running quickly.

Andrew has many years experience of Karate under his belt. He is also a keen weight lifter ,except when he is in the stores.


Order Office - Matt Proctor

Email: matt@conspare.com

Matt joined us in 2015 and is the newest member of the order office team. He began his working life in the Royal Navy, within the weapons engineering and maintenance department. After returning to Nottinghamshire Matt then moved into the concrete industry, working in the Precast sector for over 7 years. With experience of both concrete batching and maintenance under his belt Matt has proven the perfect addition to our sales team.

In his spare time Matt can be found tinkering with something mechanical or enjoying the countryside on his bike.


David Patterson

General Manager • Bulk Materials – David Patterson

• Telephone: 01773 814026 • Email: davidpatterson@prospare.co.uk

David joins ProSpare after a long career as General Manager for who many regard as the leading belt cleaner specialist in UK. His wealth of experience make him the best placed person to manage the bulk materials division of ProSpare, handling all existing products within our wear linings, vibration and conveyor components ranges. His first challenge is launching the new Starclean belt cleaners in UK.

In his spare time David is an avid cyclist. He can be regularly found mountain biking in Sherwood Forest or exploring the Nottinghamshire countryside on his road bike sampling the best cafes in the region for their tea & cake. As pedal power just isn’t enough sometimes, recently David passed his motorcycle test with his sights set on a Triumph motorbike.


Tom Bullock

Project Engineer – Tom Bullock

• Telephone: 01773 814023 • Email: tom@prospare.co.uk

Tom comes to ProSpare having recently completed his manufacturing and mechanical engineering degree at Warwick University. His meticulous approach to work brings a great eye for detail to the bulk materials department. Tom will be providing engineering back up and support to ProSpare.

Another target rifle shooter within the Bullock family Tom has represented Nottinghamshire, England and Great Britain at a number of levels around the world. Recently he has also taken to the dancefloor expressing a keen interest in Argentine Tango.


Warehouse Manager - Ian Kettell

• Email: ian@conspare.com

Ian has been running our warehouse for 16 years.  Managing the stores is a challenging role that is at the heart of our ability to get the right parts, on the right site, at the right time. We receive thousands of tonnes of components and despatch thousands of parcels every year and it is a testament to the professionalism of Ian and his team that we are recognised for offering the most reliable service in the business. He is another attention to detail junky who runs a tight ship. The stores are immaculate and Ian has the knack of making things happen when the chips are down.

Ian has so many interests outside of work that it is hard to list them all. Suffice to say that photography, airshows and helping out with the local Air Cadets form a small part of his activities. 


Southern Region Field Sales Engineer - Dave Curtin

• Telephone: 07976 350945 • Email: dave@conspare.com

Dave brings with him over 30 year's experience of the concrete industry in production management positions for Hanson Premix and Brett Concrete. Bringing together ConSpare products and Dave's expertise has already helped clients improve Health and Safety and reduce down time.

Dave is a keen free fall parachute enthusiast who spends most weekends jumping from aircraft at 10,000 feet. With over 1600 jumps under his belt Dave has reached heady heights in the sport and competed as cameraman for the Great Britain 4 man team at the recent World Cup meet in Stupino, Russia. Working for ConSpare should bring him back down to earth!


Central Region Field Sales Engineer - Rob Streets

• Mobile: 07977 909757 • Email: robert@conspare.com

Rob is a highly experienced sales engineer with a wealth of experience in all aspects of our broad product range. In his 12 years at ConSpare, he has visited every type of concrete plant, from precast to paving and readymix to mortar, enabling him to help advise clients on how to use our specialist products to get the best out of their plant. Rob specialises in solving wear problems in chutes, bunkers and hoppers and is heavily involved in sales of our range of wear linings.

Rob used to play football regularly, until the lure of early morning Sunday league fixtures in the cold and wet lost it's allure. He has now turned his attention to the golf course very successfully and is official ConSpare bandit.


Northern Region Field Sales Engineer - Harry Hanson

• Telephone: 07976 760421 • Email: harry@conspare.com

Harry joined ConSpare after a career in the readymix sector followed by 10 years supplying vibratory equipment to the concrete industry. Experience gained in his previous lives, added to his 17 years at ConSpare, provide the ideal mix of practical, hands on expertise that Harry is renowned for. In addition to visiting clients throughout the north of England, he is our resident vibratory specialist who plays a national technical role offering advice and assistance on the black art of vibraton.

Harry is another keen sportsman who is involved at a high level in a number of sports, particularly squash, tennis and golf, and it has been noticed that he can get a little competitive at times. He is also a keen traveller having recently visited Australia, Thailand and the USA.


Scotland and Northern Ireland Field Sales Engineer - Ray Kemp

• Telephone: 07860 605789 • Email: ray@conspare.com

Ray has been involved in supplying concrete mixer spares for nearly 30 years, having joined ConSpare 14 years ago. This wealth of experience makes Ray a specialist in abrasion resistance and he works closely with clients all over Scotland and Northern Ireland to minimise the impact of highly aggressive local aggregates. Ray often gets involved in testing products before we launch them to the market and organises many of our new product trials which generate valuable case studies.

Ray is a keen musician, although these days he is more likely to be listening with a wee dram in his hands rather than actually playing on stage himself.