General Plant Components

General Plant Components

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  • Butterfly Valves

    Our range of butterfly valves are proven to stand up to the rigours of the concrete industry. Used all around the plant for a host applications. Our valves are available from stock in a range of designs and specifications, ideal for quick replacement.

    CAMS Cast Aluminium Butterfly Valves
    Economical and reliable. Designed for flange mounting at the outlets of silo's and weigh hoppers to control the flow of cementitious materials they can be supplied for electro pneumatic or manual operation. A single Flange unit is available with Connecting Spigot to allow connection of flexible sleeves at weighing machines etc.

    Available with pneumatic actuator & manual handle.


    Heavy Duty Cast Iron Butterfly Valves
    Ideal for use in arduous applications. The wafer pattern valves incorporate durable cast iron bodies, stainless steel discs and EPDM rubber liners designed to give fully effective sealing. Typical applications include flow control of cementitious materials; water control, particularly for recycled water; and silo fill pipe safety shut off valves

    Wide variety of opening devices can be utilised including manual levers and pneumatic actuators, including an optional spring return model.

  • Silo Filling Components

    Available from stock for extra convenience, we offer a range of cement fill pipe components which are proven to perform. Components include; Unicone ends for tanker connection; fill pipes lock offs; heavy duty fill pipe shut off valves; and heavy gauge / hard wearing 90° steel bends.

  • Silo Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

    PRV 350 is designed to protect silos from over pressurisation (vacuum) encountered during powder filling and emptying. Capable of venting 13000m³/hour in an over pressure situation and 5000m³/hour under vacuum, the valve has been fully tested and certified under controlled conditions witnessed by the HSE.

    • Available in a number of different materials and gasket combinations.
    • Range of up-stands and adaptors, including a hinged version for ease of maintenance, is available for new or retrofit applications.

    Watch the PRV in action