Abrasion Resistant Mixer Blade & Wear Plates

Specialist Abrasion Resistant Wear Parts

High abrasion in a mixer is caused in the majority of cases by four main factors; high production volumes, mix design factors such as dry mix, extended mixing times and aggressive raw materials such as granite. These factors often lead to the mixer becoming an expensive part of the production process, using many wear parts and maintenance hours to keep it running at optimal levels.

We specialise in wear resistant parts that are designed to counteract these particularly demanding conditions and last longer. Working with specialist suppliers from around the world, we have chosen a range of materials and solutions that reduce both spare parts costs and maintenance man hours through exceptional resistance to abrasion.

We know more about combatting abrasion in UK concrete mixers than anyone else in Europe. Our historical database helps us identify the best combination of wear parts, depending on your local aggregates and mixing processes. Available for virtually all mixer manufacturers and models, we work with customers and are confident that we can identify an optimal solution.

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